• Christopher Henderson
    Algebra 3-4
    Degree: BS in Secondary Education- Mathematics
    Email: henderson2@phoenixunion.org
    • Room: #3215
    • Intervention: 10:50 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

    My goal is not to convince every student to love math. My goal is to convince every student that they can never give up and quit. 
    • My teaching style is not very traditional. We will be EXPLORING math ON A DAILY BASIS. I have an inquiry based approach to math. That means I believe students should work towards finding their own solution to math as opposed to being told the formula. This does lead to students needing to ask a very large amount of questions.  Make me earn my paycheck.
    • I expect every student to come to class prepared. To me, prepared means having a PENCIL, your INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK, a WHITEBOARD MARKER, and CLEAR TAPE. Along with these three simple materials, I expect every student to be mentally prepared to learn and participate as well.
    • My philosophy is simple. The only true sense of failure is not trying. If you come into my class with true intentions of giving your best effort, you will succeed.
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