As part of the student’s Honors, Pre-AP, and/or Advanced Placement (AP) English class next year, the student will be required to read at least one novel and/or play over the summer. Since there is abundant evidence that summer reading loss is one of the most important factors contributing to the reading achievement gap between students from high–socioeconomic families and low–socioeconomic families, Honors, Pre-AP, and AP teachers at Maryvale designed a program that will give students continuous exposure to literature to deepen their engagement with text during summer months.

    Not only will reading books this summer help meet Common Core standards adopted by the state of Arizona, it will help the student begin to see him or herself as a “reader,” will increase their chances of success with college-level reading requirements, and will be lots of fun!

    1.       Review and print the assignment by clicking on the correct link below. The titles of the books and directions for assignment completion are on the following pages of these packets. Email addresses and phone numbers for your future teacher are also in these packets.

    2.       Check out or purchase the identified books. Books can be checked out from the local library, purchased at Wal-Mart or bookstore, or can be ordered through www.amazon.com and other such sites.

    We, Honors, Pre-AP, and AP instructors, look forward to reading novels with you and sincerely appreciate your help in creating this literary experience!