• Scholarships & Other Financial Aid

    There's money out there to help you pay for college! Almost every student who goes to college receives financial aid, but not everyone receives the same kind or the same amount.

    Learn about the different types of financial aid and how to start the aid process.


    These are federal and state awards set aside for students who need the most help paying for college. Grants do not have to be paid back—they are free money. (Pell Grant maximum for the 2019-2020 school year is $6,195.)

    Work Study

    Work Study also is funded by the federal government—instead of giving you the money, Work Study requires that you work a part-time job during the school year at your college or with one of its partners. You earn this money, just like any other job, and do not have pay it back after you graduate. There are no federal taxes on Work Study money!

    The federal government pays 75% of your wages for Work Study jobs. That means the employer is motivated to hire you—he or she only has to pay the other 25%. Universities love this, and they often only hire students eligible for federal Work Study, as their budgets may be too tight to pay full wages.

    Watch a video with more info about federal student aid.

    Student Loans

    These are special loans provided by the federal government. Students borrow money to pay for college but do not have to repay until six months after graduation. These loans typically have low interest rates and flexible payment plans. Most students pay for some of their college costs using student loans.

    Watch a video with more info about federal student loans.


    In order to receive any government financial aid, you have to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA. It's an essential first step.

    Watch a video with more info about the FAFSA or visit the FAFSA website and get started.

    Need help with the financial aid process?

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