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    For the most up-to-date information, visit https://admission.asu.edu/

    (Counselors visit: https://admission.asu.edu/counselors)

    Students at Camelback, Carl Hayden, Metro Tech, North, Bioscience, South Mountain, Trevor Browne, and Wilson contact:

    Suzie Kwan, ASU First Year Recruitment Coordinator Admission Services

    Email: DiabloDelSol@asu.edu, Virtual Appointments: https://calendly.com/suziekwan


    Students at Alhambra, Betty Fairfax, Central, Cesar Chavez, Franklin, Maryvale, and Phoenix Coding contact:

    Sarah Greenstein, ASU First Year Recruitment Coordinator Admission Services

    Phone: 602-496-0151, email: asusarahgreenstein@asu.edu, Virtual Appointments: calendly.com/sarah-greenstein




    Students at Central, Metro Tech, Cesar Chavez, North and South Mountain contact:

    Kyle Speed Email: kyle.speed@gcu.edu or Phone: 480-559-0546

    Students at Franklin, Betty Fairfax, and Carl Hayden contact:

    Brooke Beckwith Email: brooke.beckwith@gcu.edu or Phone: 480-751-9333

    Students at Alhambra, Bioscience, Camelback, Maryvale, Trevor Browne, and Wilson contact:

    Belen BuenRostro Email: belen.buerostro@gcu.edu or Phone: 480-708-3871

    Students at Phoenix Coding contact:

    Nichole Jacobson Email: nichole.jacobson@gcu.edu or Phone: 480-371-6210



    Aimee Bettersworth, NAU Admissions Officer, Senior University Admissions

    Phone: (928) 523-6141 or Emailaimee.bettersworth@nau.edu

    Virtual Admissions nau.edu/virtual




    Brandon M Hardy, UA Admissions Counselor, Outreach Admissions & New Student Enrollment

    Phone: 602-827-2612 or Email: bhardy1@email.arizona.edu

    Virtual website: https://www.arizona.edu/student-life/virtual-visit




    Main line: 602-285-7777 (9AM - 5PM) Monday - Friday

    Inquiries: https://www.phoenixcollege.edu/chat

    (Inquiries should start here unless they are specific to a team member. All team members receive emails sent to this address.)


    Phone: 602-285-7415 or Emailpc-recruitment@phoenixcollege.edu

    QLess: https://www.phoenixcollege.edu/qless

    Students sign into Qless and receive a call back from a representative. Allowing students to receive immediate assistance to complete various transactions, such as:

    • Admissions & Records - processing: ID authentication, residency
    • Advising - receive a phone call from an academic advisor (not designed for new/incoming students)
    • Financial Aid - processing, status check, verification assistance, FAFSA assistance
    • Veterans - verification of benefits, certification of benefits, for veterans and dependents of veterans

    Michael MatosDirector of Outreach, Recruitment & Educational Partnerships

    Email: michael.matos@phoenixcollege.edu or Phone: 602-285-7618 or Text: 480-266-5110

    Vonzell Cash, Recruiter: Primary

    Email: vonzell.cash@phoenixcollege.edu or Phone: 602-285-7508

    Che' Jones, Recruiter: Special Populations

    Email: che.jones@phoenixcollege.edu or Phone: 602-285-7459



    GateWay Recruitment: gwc.recruitment@gatewaycc.edu

    Arnold Torres, Manager of Recruitment & Outreach

    Email: arnold.paul.torres@gatewaycc.edu or Phone: 602-286-8212

    GateWay Contact Center - Email:  info@gatewaycc.edu or Phone:  602-286-8050

    Financial Aid - Email: finaid@gatewaycc.edu or Phone: 855-622-2332

    Chat with Enrollment Services, General Info, and Financial Aid options - gatewaycc.edu > Click to Chat (at bottom)



    SMCC Recruitment and Outreach:

    Phone: 602-243-8212 or Email: StudentSuccessStaff@southmountaincc.edu

    SMCC Outreach Staff:

    Christopher Erran, Manager of Recruitment and Outreach

    Email: Christopher.Erran@southmountaincc.edu or Phone: 602-316-0272

    Glen Ellis, College Advisor @ Academies at South Mountain

    Email: Glen.Ellis@southmountaincc.edu or Phone: 602-644-0151

    Jacklyn Gueyger, College Advisor @ Cesar Chavez HS

    Email: Jacklyn.Gueyger@southmountaincc.edu or Phone: 602-644-0185

    Courtney Johnson, College Advisor @ Betty Fairfax HS

    Email: Courtney.Johnson@southmountaincc.edu or Phone: 602-918-9810 

    Marlon Liddell, College Recruiter

    Email: Marlon.Liddell@southmountaincc.edu or Phone: 602-309-2361

    SMCC inquiries through Chat: https://www.southmountaincc.edu/ > CHAT WITH US (left side menu) (Available Services Via Chat: Financial Aid, Admissions, Advisement, General Information re: Recruitment & Outreach)

    SMCC Financial aid

    Rachel Harrison

    Email: Rachel.harrison@southmountaincc.edu or Phone602-243-8133

    Please contact me to set up a phone appointment or virtual appointment for FAFSA assist.



    Student Services Available Remotely - www.gccaz.edu/update

    Recruitment Team

    Stephen Zubia, Supervisor

    Email: stephen.zubia@gccaz.edu or Phone: 623.845.3063 

    Benjamin Walton, Student Services Specialist

    Email: benjamin.walton@gccaz.edu or Phone: 623.845.4779

    Frankie Roman, Student Services Specialist

    Email: francisco.roman@gccaz.edu or Phone: 623.845.4816

    James Morris, Student Services Specialist

    Email: james.morris@gccaz.edu or Phone: 623.845.3255



    We are still supporting students remotely through email, web conference, and phone.

    If you need to contact one of our student service departments for a quick question, to request a meeting, or to request services, please fill out the form found at this link 



    Email: AZadmissions@yearup.orgCall: (480)376-0898, Text:(480)771-3199

    Gaspar MataRecruitment and College Outreach Manager

    Office: 480-498-7396 x2154 or Cell: 623-628-3428 Cell or Email: GMata@YearUp.org

    Year Up Interest Form: https://tinyurl.com/qvwbu2q

    Virtual Information Session RVSP: https://tinyurl.com/YUAZVirtualInfoZoom (Mondays & Wednesdays at 11:00 AM and Tuesdays & Thursdays at 5:00 PM.)

    Year Up Virtual Interviews: http://bit.ly/YearUpAZInterview  (Must first complete Information Session and Application)



    1. Use this Advising Form to ask questions about your next steps in the college-going process whether you are admitted, applying, or have not begun the process. 

    2. Once completed, an advisor will schedule an appointment through Calendly, (a scheduling website that will create the appointment, either on video chat or on the phone) to go over the tasks needed to complete and answer any questions.



    There are 3 ways to contact us:

    1. Fill out this form
    2. Call the Main Line: 602-261-8847 to leave a voicemail
    3. Email: college.depot@phoenix.gov to set up a phone/virtual appointment