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    Understanding disease and infectionenables students to make healthier lifestyle choices. In this unit students look at the causes and symptoms of infectious diseases and examine ways to reduce their risk of contracting or developing disease. Students learn the differences betweenlifestyle diseases and physical disabilities.  Emphasis is placed on the significance of lifestyle risk factors to help prevent as many diseases as possible during one’s lifetime.

    Essential Questions: 

    How can having a serious disease impact your lifestyle?

    How can changing your lifestyle impact your risk of disease?

    How have the causes of death changed in the last 100 years?

    Why is so important to complete a course of medical treatment?


    Essential Vocabulary:

    5 Pathogens (Bacteria, Virus, Protozoa, Parasite, Fungus); Antibacterial Treatment, Antiviral Treatment; Infectious vs. Noninfectious Disease; Symptom, Vaccine, Asymptomatic