• stress
    In this unit, students learn more about who they are, how their personality shapes their lives, what causes stress in their lives, how stress affects mental and emotional health, and defense mechanisms and techniques they can use to manage stressful situations.  They also learn about symptoms of mental disorders, what self-esteem is, how to build positive self-esteem, and how to recognize the warning signs of suicide so they can help prevent it. 

    Essential Questions:

    Why is it important to recognize the warning signs of suicide?  How can knowing the warning signs of suicide enable you to help yourself and others?           

    What role does self-esteem play in a person’s development?   

    How does stress impact you mentally, emotionally, and physically?


    Essential Vocabulary:

    Mental Health, Empathy, Self-Actualization, Emotion, Defense Mechanism, Mental Disorder, Stress, Stressor, Resiliency, Asset, Prioritize, Suicide