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    Choosing Wellness is the first unit students in Health encounter.  It is the foundation for all of the other units and focuses on teaching students that they have choices – they are the decision makers in terms of what happens to them and they have to take responsibility for their health because it impacts their lives now and in the future.   


    Students learn how the societal view of health has changed over the course of history.  They learn skills to help them make good choices to avoid lifestyle diseases that affect the population today.  They also learn and practice skills to help them make good decisions and resist pressures from different sources.  By learning about the different types of health, students are able to analyze their current life choices and determine how they can improve each area to achieve Wellness.

    Essential Questions: 

    Are you healthier today as a teen than your parents were when they were teens? 

    How do your choices today affect what is going to happen to you next week, next year?  In 5 years?  In 10 years?


    Essential Vocabulary:

    Body system functions (digestion, respiration, etc.), Health, Value, Wellness, Advocate, Peer Pressure, Refusal Skills, Goal, Action Plan