• (3) Freshman and New Student Orientation Nights: Please refer to your calendar to get the exact date and plan to attend the  orientation where your student goes to school.  Reception will follow. 
    New Students will be provided a school backpack with school supplies:
    Please be prepared to complete the Title VII 506 forms and the JOM 305 forms.  BRING YOUR child’s Certificate of Indian Blood, your certificate of Indian Blood, or your child’s CIB.
    College Day: Spend a day at Alhambra High School with colleges, universities, and tribal scholarship representatives from various Indian agencies,.  Listen to what they each have to offer in terms of available programs, financial aid, grants and scholarships, and other opportunities for Native American students.  Who should attend?  Seniors—don’t wait until April or May before applying for college admission or scholarships.  
    Lunch will be provided!  Yummy!  A College Day is offered annually.
    Native Youth Culture Day: Offered annually. Plan to meet Native Artisans (featuring potters, jewelry makers, Indian Bread, Piki Bread, Drums, Public Relations, and many more).  Food will be catered to feed the participants.  This day has been designated to bring together as many Native American students and immediate family members to give recognition to the unique Native arts, skills, and intellect that have been maintained for many centuries.  Embedded in Native arts are symbols of life’s teachings and stories.  Please join us for a day of socializing, learning, and paying tribute to our Native teachers.
    Family Nights: Two family nights will be sponsored by our Native American Advisors at each school.  Students and Parents are encouraged to work closely with their advisors in planning successful family nights.  Please refer to the calendar below to mark when your school is scheduled to hold your Family 
    After School Intervention and Support, Math and English: Indigenous Project currently offered at Betty Fairfax, Cesar Chavez and Central High School. Project-Based Learning: Using the collection of memoirs, Wolfkiller, students are given exemplary stories to enjoy as models for their final narratives.  Students will gain real-world journalism skills such as note-taking, question writing, interviewing, quoting, the writing process and publishing. Esteemed guest speakers/teachers will increase student engagement and add depth. After acquiring these skills, students will apply their project-based learning by designing a magazine for publication. They will present their magazine and portfolios to a community audience including: family, peers, teachers and community leaders.
    Hoop of Learning and ACE programs will continue through the Maricopa Community Colleges.   Students and parents are encouraged to maintain contacts with advisors at their school sites for special recruitment schedules which are usually made for the MCCD HOL/ACE.  Note that the advisors are assigned to multiple school sites and are not always available at one campus.  It would be advisable to call them before going on campus.  You can also call the main NAEP office at (602) 764-1350.
    Monthly Gatherings:  Refer to your calendar for Title VII Parent Advisory Committee and Indian Education Committee meetings. Notice that the meetings will be sponsored by different schools between October and April.  We want all of you to turn out for these meetings and to help make them successful. Help plan these meetings with your advisor. Pot lucks, games, and special presentations will be part of each meeting.