• Need tech support?  Contact the Help Desk!

    Method #1:  E-mail the Help Desk:
    Send an e-mail to helpdesk@phoenixunion.org, providing the following:
    • A brief description in the Subject Field
    • Full detail in the Body Field, including all notes regarding your issue, which computer, room number/name, etc.
    (Note:  If your computer has a virus, DO NOT USE this method!  Use Method #2 instead.)

    Method #2:  Call the Help Desk:
    Dial 4·1·2·0·1; if no one is available, please leave a full detailed message (including your name, location, and campus)

    Proper usage of the Help Desk will ensure rapid and efficient service to everyone!  Please note that contacting local technology personnel does not constitute contacting the Help Desk.