Drill Team
    Coach:  1SG Coleman
    Armed Team Captain: 
    Unarmed Team Captain: 

    The 8th Battalion drill team encourages discipline, confidence, and teamwork, while striving to perfect the commands to move Cadets from one point to another.  To be a member of the team requires committment and concentration.  The Drill Team and their performances an excellent example of what dedicated training and teamwork can produce.

    The Lion Battalion Drill team consists of Unarmed and Armed teams.  Both teams use Army Field Manual 3-21.5 (Drill and Ceremony) as the basis for their exhibitions.

    Unarmed drill consists of basic drill maneuvers, without weapons, and extremely detailed and synchronized marching. 

    Armed Drill Team uses replica M1903 Springfield rifles, weighing 8.69 pounds. 
    Drill Competition Schedule





    26 OCT 2019 Latino Veteran's Drill Meet Phoenix  
    9 NOV 2019 Veterans Day Parade Laveen, AZ


    16 NOV 2019 Sierra Vista Drill Meet Buena HS  
    MAR 2020 Gallegos Drill Meet South Mountain


    FEB 2020 Phoenix Cadet Brigade Drill Meet Carl Hayden HS  
    25 JAN 2020 Padre Skills Meet Tempe, AZ  
    4 APR 2020

    Desert Classic Drill Meet

    (State Championship)

    Alhambra HS