School:  Cesar Chavez High School     Teacher:  Ms. Hogan    Email: Khogan@phoenixunion.org

    Department:       Art                    Course Title:   Art 1                 Code: 4001000_

    No. of Credits:    ½  Credit       Grade Level(s):  9 - 12   Prerequisite(s):  None


    Course Description:   

    Art 1-2 is an exploratory course covering most art mediums which include: drawing, painting, graphic arts and three dimensional work. A major emphasis will be on the use of the elements and principles of design as they relate to various problems. This is the first art course in which an art student usually enrolls.

    The first semester of this course will be focused on introducing the creative process and the elements and principals of art through a variety of different mediums and artists. The students will also be introduced to the concept of a critique and be required to participate in mid– project and final critiques.

    During this first semester besides our everyday projects, the students will be required to keep a sketchbook and make weekly entries. 

    Throughout the semester the students will have an opportunity to experiment with numerous materials such as pen, graphite, colored pencil, watercolor, and collage. With the assistance of these materials, the students will explore the elements and principals through various art projects.    

    Lastly, the students will be required to complete a small research project. They will get to pick an artist from a pre-generated list, make a PowerPoint presentation, and then give a short 1-2 minute oral presentation to the class on that artist.


    Materials Required: 

    1. All students are required to pay a $20 dollar lab fee to the book store for EACH semester.

    2. You need a Composition Book by August 10th. This will be used as a sketchbook throughout the year.

    3. You MUST get your internet release form signed AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! We spend a lot of time researching for projects in the library. If you do not have your form signed, you will lose participation points every day you are not working in class.

    Students need to pay lab fee No later than Friday, August 14th. You will not be allowed to use supplies until lab fee is paid.


    Classroom Policies and Expectations:


    1. No food or drinks (other than clear bottle of water) are allowed in the classroom! NO exceptions to this! Food and beverages can destroy artwork if spilled!

    2. Cell phones must be turned on silent or OFF unless otherwise stated by me. Absolutely NO texting or talking on phones during class! NO charging your cell phones (Don’t even ask!)

    1st offense à you will be given a warning.

    2nd offence à your parent/guardian will be picking up your phone from the front office after school.

    3. You are to remain in your seats until the bell rings! DO NOT LINE UP AT THE DOOR!


    Art is a fun and creative subject to explore, however, there are specific expectations that you are held accountable for in order to have a successful class.


    1. Do not talk while the teacher is talking or giving instructions. All students have a right to learn, no student has a right to interfere with the learning of others!

    2.  Be on time and ready to work. Stay on task and focused.  Keep motivation and focus even on projects you struggle with.

    3. Come in with a positive attitude!

    4. Respect art materials. Art supplies are expensive. Please treat every material you use with respect. Do not break, damage, or take any supplies from the classroom. Use materials ONLY for their intended purpose!

    5. Respect your classmates and their artwork. Provide positive and constructive feedback to your peers.

    6. Participate in all class critiques. Learn to work collaboratively and critique one another.

    7. Turn in all assignments on time.

    8. Always clean up after yourself!


    Grading System:

    Break Down of Grades:

    1. Create - 50%

    2. Respond - 30%

    3. Connect/Present - 10%

    4. Semester 1 Exam - 10%

    Grade Scale:

    90-100=A, 80-89=B, 70-79=C, 60-69=D, 59-0=F


    Accommodations and modifications will be included per IEP and 504 Plans.

    Title I Program:   

    Academic tutoring and test preparation is available to all students. Additional support for passing classes and graduating on time is the intent of these services.  Support through Title I funding is available in the areas of: math, reading and English.  If interested, please contact the Principal, Schavon T. Waggoner or Assistant Principal, Deana Gillespey for additional information at 602-764-4000.


    Make-up Policy:


    1. Ask for a copy of the Assignment directions and requirements and check Instagram.

    2. Ask to read a copy of any power point presentations you may have missed—this will really help you!

    3. Pay close attention to all assignment objectives/requirements.

    4. Pay close attention to all DUE DATES for assignments.

    5. Make sure your name is on EVERYTHING you turn in!


    Late Assignments and Due Dates:

    · Due dates for assignments will ALWAYS be posted on the board!

    · If you do not complete the assignment by the posted due date, you will need to complete the assignment during advisory, your lunch, or during after school lab hours.

    · You will have 1 week after the posted due date to complete the assignment! This will be the Final Due Date.

    · You will lose 5 pts a day for each day an assignment is turned in after the FINAL DUE DATE.

    · If an assignment due date falls within a week of final grades being posted at the end of each semester, the students may not receive the extra week to complete the assignment; as a result of this, a “0” may be entered.

    · Critique points CANNOT be made up, so make sure to be here on critique days!



    “Absent” is defined as nonattendance in an assigned class or activity for more than one-half of the period. (PUHSD Governing Board Policy J-1561 JHR)

     “Tardy” is defined as not being in the assigned class or activity when the tardy bell has finished ringing. (PUHSD Governing Board Policy J-1561 JHR)

    Obviously, absences have an effect on your grade. This class is based on participation, effort, and completion and quality of all assignments. You are required and it is your responsibility to ask the teacher what assignments you missed and to make them up on your own time or during scheduled after school lab hours!  Incomplete assignments in this class can result in failing the course! This is a time-consuming and demanding class! Your presence and participation is critical to your success!

    12 or more unexcused absences will result in failure of the course.

    After School Lab Hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30– 3:30

    Occasionally office hours will very due to meetings or appointments. I will let classes know if office hours have changed.


    Parent/Guardian and Student Sign!!  Return to Teacher!!

    Print Student First and Last Name________________________________________________________________________


    I, (Student signature)______________________________, have read and understood the Plan for Student Success. I will support and follow all expectations and policies for the classroom.


    I, (Guardian signature)______________________________, the parent or legal guardian of __________________________ have read and support the above Plan for Student Success.


    Parent/Guardian, please provide your phone number and best time to reach you. Phone________________________,


     Work_______________, email_____________________________________________________, best time to call______________.


    Please DETACH and return this half to Ms. Hogan No Later than Friday, August 14th