• Databases
    Databases are subscriptions purchased by PUHSD to help students find authoritative information. 
    There is automatic access from any computer in PUHSD.
    For remote access, you must have the user id and passwords.
    Social studies, geography and more 
    Username:  phoenixstudent
    Password:  phoenixstudent   
    School, college and career planning.
    The full package contains newspapers and magazines plus research information for literature, health, history, pro/con topics and more. Use EBSCOHost for popular culture research.
    Username:  phoenixunion
    Password:  student
    Encyclopedia Britannica
    Three reading levels for research information plus links to reviewed websites.  Has an atlas and timeline, plus make your own timeline.
        Encyclopedia Britannica in Spanish
    Username:  phoenixunion
    Password:  student 

    Use the Student Resource Center for all topics.
    GreenR for environmental studies
    Gale Virtual Library for eBooks
    Password:  student
    Proquest eLibrary Science and Math
    SIRS Researcher
    Math, Science and Health database of research documents, simulations, biographies.
    SIRS Researcher provides pro / con topic information
    Username:  phoenixunion
    Password:  student 
    Teen Health and Wellness
    Filled with information about teen issues including relationships, nutrition, green living, physical and mental health, links to hotlines.
    Username:  phoenixunion
    Password:  student 
    Visual Thesaurus
    This tool provided synonyms, antonyms, and parts of speech in a fun, interactive web to help students increase vocabulary and improve writing.
    Username:  phoenixunion
    Password:  student
    World Book
    Information about almost everything.
    Username:  phoenixunion
    Password:  student
    Creating a Research Paper:

    Remember: the databases write the citations for you, but sometimes you might need other sites:

    This site has information to guide you in writing a research paper:   http://owl.english.purdue.edu/

    Microsoft Office WORD under the References tab can help you create citations

    Citation Machine: http://citationmachine.net/index2.php