• Name: Cheryl Grimes
    Subjects / Classes being taught this year:  Advanced Mathematical Decision Making (AMDM) & 2 sections of Digital Instruction for Mathematics 
    Degree(s): BS Industrial Engineering, MaEd Curriculum & Instruction

    We can do it! This is my 30th year of teaching, and this year I am teaching 3 sections of Advanced Mathematical Decision Making (AMDM) & 2 sections of Digital Instruction for Mathematics.  I started teaching in the fall of 1989 at South Mountain HS in Aerospace, and switched to math after 4 years. I was at South Mountain for a total of 6.5 years, and then moved to Carl Hayden for the next 3.5 years.  I next moved to Cesar Chavez, and I have been here since it opened in 1999. 
    I believe that all students can learn, but learn in different manners.  High school students are young adults and they need to start taking responsiblity for their actions.  Therefore, they should ask for help when they need it, and they should do their assignments when they are assigned. I try to treat my students as adults, so they can start developing the skills needed for when they graduate.  

    I am available for tutoring before and after school and during the Advisory period.  Additionally, since I have both lunch period available, I can assist students during their lunch period. Students should make an appointment with me, so I can give them the time that they need to better understand the material.  I will be in my room at 7 AM on most mornings, and I will be available most of the time after school until 3:15, or later.

    Please use Parent Vue to monitor your student's progress.  I make every effort to keep the grades up-to-date.  Feel free to contact me, but use the school email if you need immediate information, or call the school and leave a message, including phone numbers, so I can call you back if you have any questions about how your student is doing in class. I do NOT know how to access the messages on my phone at school, so please leave a message with your student's counselor, or with the receptionist in the front office.  I will not call after 9 pm, unless requested to do so.
    • Room # 3104
    • Extension:  X44513
    • Teaching Philosophy:  Every student is important and CAN learn IF they want to.
    • Expectations: 
    •     Homework will be done when assigned, and if a student is absent they should check their StudentVue & pick-up the assignment in class. In the classroom, I post when the assignment was given/taught and where the notes and worksheets can be found.  Since the assignments will mostly be done on the computer, it is in the students' best interested to be in class each day.  (I have a shelfing cabinet in the back of the classroom which will have any papers, if they are handed out.)   
    •      Students will participate in class, and be responsible for their own learning.  They will NOT disrupt other students' learning.
    •     If a student isn't understanding, they need to ask for help.
    •     If a student has below a 70%, they should be coming in for extra help (tutoring).
    • Classroom Policies/Rules: School rules will be followed; Respect for others is expected