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    You are automatically enrolled in your attendance boundary school, but with so many choices, you are free to ENROLL at any Phoenix Union school if space is available and in some cases, you qualify.  Stay close to home with your friends, or experience a magnet program, or specialty small school.
    *PLEASE NOTE: When enrolling for a specialty program, small school, or Metro Tech High School, you must complete an application first.   Please click the application next to the name of the school or program below for their application.
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     Linda Abril Education Academy - 602-764-0050  
     Alhambra H.S. - 602-764-6022  
      ApplicationBioscience H.S. - 602-764-5600  
     Bostrom H.S. - 604-764-1700  
     Trevor G. Browne H.S. - 602-764-8500  
      Montessori ApplicationCamelback H.S. - 602-764-7000  
     Central H.S. - 602-764-7500  
     Cesar Chavez H.S. - 602-764-4000  
     Betty H. Fairfax H.S. - 602-764-9000  
      ApplicationFranklin Police & Fire H.S. - 602-764-0200  
     Carl Hayden Community H.S. - 602-764-3000  
      Gifted and Talented ApplicationMaryvale H.S. - 602-764-2000  
      ApplicationMetro Tech H.S. - 602-764-8000  
     North H.S. - 602-764-6500  
      ApplicationPhoenix Coding Academy - 602-764-5700  
     South Mountain H.S. - 602-764-5000  
      ApplicationWilson College Prep - 602-764-9600  
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