• Central High School

    Student Advisory Period

    Student Success Plan


    Instructor:  Mr. Kevin Weingartner

    Advisory Period


    Prerequisites:  None

    Email:  Weingartner@phoenixunion.org

    Credit:  .5


    Grade: Pass or No Pass 



    Course Description: 

    Advisory is a period of time during the school day dedicated to increasing academic achievement by removing barriers to learning and providing interventions and support. Advisory Period is a credit-earning class and is required for all Central High School students.  Students can earn one-quarter elective credit per semester and 2 elective credits during a 4 year high school career.  Students will be afforded the opportunity to: plan, progress, and complete their educational and career action plans (E-CAP), organize their day, receive important school information, homework completion time, and tutoring time, while building positive leadership skills and connectedness to their school, peers, and Advisory Teacher. 


    Materials Required: School ID and planner (agenda)



    Advisory period is a credit earning class.  The grade earned is on a Pass/No Pass basis.  There will be one point possible for each component listed below. Students can earn 5 points every grading period if they meet the PRIDE expectations.


    Grading Scale: 3-5/5 Pass

                             0-2/5 No Pass


    Proud: Participate in and/or attend 1 or more campus event every quarter or a minimum of 2 events per semester.

    Respectful/Responsible: Positive behavior during advisory (appropriate language, care for school property, good attendance)

    Inspired: Evidence of service to school or others (advisory campus clean up, community service)

    Determined: Prepared/Planner check (evidence of traveling and/or planner use)

    Empowered: Active participation in at least one club, or successful completion in at least sport or record of after school tutoring.


    Title I:

    Academic tutoring and test preparation is available to all students. Additional support for passing classes and graduating on time is the intent of these services.  Support through Title I funding is available in the areas of: math, reading and English.  If interested, please contact the Principal Ms. Leticia Avalos or Assistant Principal for Instruction Jacob Lambert for additional information at 764-7500.