Unit pages are where you can find the Essential standards for the unit, as well as your assessment tracker. Use these papers as needed throughout the unit and before quizzes/tests.

    Pg. 5a: Unit 1: Big Bang and the Universe Standards Page

    Pg. 5b: Unit 1 Assessment Tracker



    Make sure your notes are written on the correct pages in your notebook. Notes can be written in your own way, and are not graded. HOWEVER, it is HIGHLY suggested that you complete notes in order to help you complete assignemnts, labs, and study for quizzes/tests. 


    Pg. 1 and 3: Science vs Pseudoscience Notes

    Pg. 4: Fact vs Theory vs Hypothesis vs Law Notes

    Pg. 8: Scientific Models




    Make sure that assignments are taped in the notebook on the pages shown, AND written in your Assignment Tracker in your folder. You MUST get your assignment tracker checked after you complete each assignment!

    1. Pg. 6: Draw the Universe
    2. Pg. 9: Astronomical Distances WKST