• Tonight’s Timeline (8/23/19):

    3:00-4:30pm – Dinner on own

    4:30pm – Meet in band room. Get music, instruments, water, and sunscreen ready to take to warm up field.

    5:00pm – Sunrise Mountain Band arrives. Greet members and help unload. Guide to JV baseball field for warm ups.

    5:25pm – Stretch

    5:30pm – Visual warmup/introduction to marching with Sunrise Mountain (only those who have athletic clearance may participate. Others will observe from sideline)

    5:45pm – Music Warm up

    6:05pm – Mini/halftime rehearsal

    6:35pm – Head to stands

    ?:?? – Halftime Show

    ?:?? – Mingle with SMHS Band

    ?:?? – Back to stands

    3rd quarter – Bathroom break by section

    ~10:00pm – Head back to band room, Pack up and clean up

    Cleaning Assignments:


    -Stack chairs and stands. Pick up trash around band room


    -Clean up/organize locker room. Pick up trash from locker room, bathrooms, hallways. When complete, assist percussion.


    -Put all percussion away (Neatly) in percussion rooms. Organize both rooms.

    ~10:15pm – Dismissal (Every member is required to stay until formal dismissal).


    Please eat between 3:00pm-4:30pm. We will not be allowed to eat/drink in uniform (this includes pep band uniforms). Exception: Water.

    Speaking of water. Please drink lots of it. Bring a bottle with you (I will have a limited supply available).

    Bathroom breaks may only happen in groups of 2. You and your buddy must check out with me before using the bathroom. Please try to limit bathroom breaks during the game. We will have a chance to go in sections during the 3rd quarter.

    Visiting concessions during the game will not be allowed. Again, please eat before call time this afternoon.

    Once a stand tune is called, please remain standing and ready to play. While there may occasionally be a lull between the time a song is called and the count-off begins, the count-off will begin with short notice. We need to be ready.

    Be flexible. I will call stand tunes, but we might have to change at a moment’s notice. Roll with the changes.

    Have fun tonight! Support the team and our school. Cheer loud and proud for our Central Bobcats!


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  • Friday's Football Schedule

    3:00pm-4:30pm - Students eat an early dinner on their own. I strongly encourage members to eat together.

    4:30pm - Call time in the band room (ready to play with instruments)

    7:00pm - Game begins

    approx 10:00pm - Game ends - Students will be dismissed from the band room

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    Dear Bobcat Marching Band Members and Parents,

    We are off to a great start in terms of preparing our music for the upcoming football season! Our first game is this Friday! Call time will be 4:30pm and we will be finished at approximately 10pm. Parents, please plan to pick up your students from the 200 building (auditorium - south side of campus) around this time. Students should eat an early dinner between 3pm and 4:30pm and will report to the band room (instruments in hand, ready to play) at 4:30pm.

    As we progress into the season, we will begin learning our half-time/competitive marching show. Because of the physical rigor required of students for Marching Band, the district requires us to gain athletic clearances. I initially set a deadline of August 10th to have this complete. Those of you who met that deadline, thank you. However, it was brought to my attention that the importance of meeting this deadline was not made definitively clear. I am setting a new date of August 30th to have athletic clearances complete. This is a hard deadline.

    Each student must pass a sports physical exam, and turn in paperwork to the Athletics office (room 501). Additionally, each student and their parent must sign up for marching band on RegisterMyAthlete.com. Currently, clearance is reflected in the students' grade. Once clearance is complete, their grade will be adjusted accordingly. Failure to comply by August 30th may result in failure of this course/being dropped from the course. For your students' safety, it is of the utmost importance that we gain Athletics clearance for each individual student. 

    Equally important, It is in the best interest of the band that each and every student who is currently enrolled obtain this clearance and continue to participate this school year. We are a small, but mighty band. But each individual counts. Let's get our clearances done so we can march!

    Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


    Mr. Kevin Weingartner

    Director of Bands - Central High School

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  • Marching Band will be performing at Open House on Wednesday 8/28. Call time will 4pm in the band room. We should be finished approximately 6pm

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  • Hi Bobcat Band members and Parents!


    There is a lot going on with band this week. Please check out the list of events below:

    Tuesday, 8/20 - 4pm-7pm Marching Band Rehearsal (PHYSICALS AND SIGN UPS ON "REGISTER MY ATHLETE" MUST BE COMPLETE BY THIS TIME!)

    Wednesday, 8/21 - First Leadership Meeting of the school year will meet at 8:15am (before 1st hour). Those interested in holding a leadership role should plan to attend this meeting.

    Wednesday, 8/21 - Brown Slips for Fox 10 assembly due! Even though Marching band will not meet, please turn in to the band office no later than this date (Preferably earlier)

    Thursday, 8/22 - Instrument Clinic Night - This is a great leadership opportunity for those who want to be a part of the leadership team!

    Clarendon Elementary School (1225 W Clarendon Ave, Phoenix 85013)

    **Meet in the band room at Clarendon**

    5:00 - meeting with everyone involved

    5:30 - event starts

    5:45 - teach in small groups

    6:15 - come back for final words and cookies :)

    6:30 - everyone goes home

    Friday, 8/23 - Fox 10 Pep Assembly (First and second period). We will meet at 6:40 am as normal and setup for the assembly in the gym during class time. Uniform is a red Central t-shirt (or plain red t-shirt) and solid black pants or black shorts (no rips or holes, please!)

    Friday, 8/23 First Football Game!

    Schedule TBA. Game begins at 7pm




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  • Welcome back, Bobcat band members!

    The first day of school is quickly approaching! Here is some important information you need to know about the first week back.

    On Monday, August 5th, only Freshmen will be meeting at 8am. All Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors will report to 4th period Advisory at 12:35pm (Lunch will be available on campus from 11:50am-12:30pm). As a result, 0 hour (Marching Band) WILL NOT meet on Monday.

    On Tuesday, August 6th, ALL members of marching band will meet at our new rehearsal time, 6:40am-7:30am. We will use this time to get to know one another, collect contact information, and check out instruments. No after school rehearsal will occur during the first week.

    There will be no 0 hour marching band on Wednesdays this year. First hour begins at 9am on Wednesdays.

    Thursday and Friday will be our first marching fundamentals rehearsals. Please wear athletic shoes/attire and bring water. We will begin at 6:40am sharp, so please arrive a few minutes early to set up your instrument.

    On Saturday, August 10th, Central will be offering free physical exams. All members of Marching Band are required to complete a physical and sign up on "Register My Athlete." Those band members who have not completed these steps by August 10th will be REQUIRED to come to school on Saturday and complete these steps. Failure to do so can result in the lowering of students' grade due to the inability to participate after week 1, and may even result in being dropped from the class. Additionally, Saturday will be a band service day, where members will assist in organizing storage rooms once physicals and athletic registrations are complete.

    Please reach out if you have any questions.

    Mr. Kevin Weingartner


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  • Greetings Bobcat Band Members!

    I hope everybody has had a restful and enjoyable summer break! As we get ready to return to school, here is some important information regarding band camp and the beginning of the school year.

    Firstly, Band Camp will be taking place at Central High School from 4pm-7pm, Monday, July 29th through Thursday, August 1st. In these daily mini camps, we will be focusing on music and marching fundamentals (indoors), as well as learning stand tunes and the music for our marching show. We will also take time on Monday to check out instruments to those who need them so that we can begin rehearsing. Please wear athletic clothing and footwear as we will be doing a lot of marching and moving. Anybody who is interested in being involved in band (whether experienced or brand new to playing an instrument) is invited to attend. Please invite any and all of your friends to join you!

    0 Hour marching band rehearsals will begin on the first day of school, Monday, August 5. This year, we will rehearse from 6:40am-7:30am, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays (no 0 hour rehearsals on Wednesdays due to staff meetings). This is 20 minutes earlier than last year. However, by ending promptly at 7:30, this will allow students adequate time to change clothing and grab breakfast before 1st hour. Additionally, we will have weekly afternoon/evening rehearsals. These will be on Tuesdays, and will operate from 3:30pm-6:30pm, or from 6pm-9pm, depending on the weather and stadium availability. During the first week of school, we will use morning rehearsals to continue working on music and marching fundamentals indoors. We will not have a Tuesday afternoon/evening rehearsal the first week of school.

    IMPORTANT: Before we can participate as a marching band, or even hold outdoor practices/rehearsals, every band student who plans on participating in marching band MUST complete a sports physical, as well as register on "Register My Athlete." Central will host free onsite physicals on Saturday, August 10th. Those who have not completed their physicals by this date will be required to attend this event. ALL PHYSICALS MUST BE COMPLETE BY SATURDAY, AUGUST 10th!

    Outdoor marching rehearsals during 0 hour will begin on Monday, August 12th. Any student who has not completed their physical or registered on Register My Athlete by this time will be at risk of removal from the class, as they will not be allowed to participate in rehearsals until this requirement is met. This is to ensure the safety/well-being of each member, as marching band activity can be very physically demanding.

    Our first evening rehearsal will be on Tuesday, August 13th. More details to follow in the coming days.

    Marching Band will be participating in 6 home football games, 2 marching band competitions, and the Phoenix Union Marching Band Festival. Participation in these events is mandatory for all marching band members. Dates and times of these events will follow in the coming weeks. Additional required events may arise with adequate notice given to members. These events will also be required, unless otherwise stated by the director.

    Please let me know if you have any questions. I can be reached via email at weingartner@phoenixunion.org.

    Thank you,

    Kevin Weingartner

    Director of Bands and Music Technology

    Central High School

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