AVID is a structured, college preparatory elective class which provides a support structure for first-generation college goers, AVID students learn organizational and study skills, work on critical thinking and asking probing questions, AVID students receive academic help from peers and college tutors, and participate in enrichment and motivational activities that make college seem attainable by systematically approaching curriculum with rigor. AVID's mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.


    MATERIALS REQUIRED                                                

    • WCP agenda, AVID binder, pencils, pens, pencil pouch



    • Grades are currently calculated on the traditional 0 -100% scale where:
      A – 90-100% B – 80-89%      C – 70-79%     D – 60-69%     F – below 59%
    • Semester Grade:           Tutorials/TRF’s- 40%               Binder/Cornell Notes- 30%    WICOR - 30%
    • Extra credit is not provided because strict adherence to deadlines, etc. will benefit the student’s academic growth now and into college.  Accommodations and modifications will be included per a student’s IEP and/or 504 Plan. StudentVue/ParentVUE is the online tool for students and parents to monitor academic performance.  AVID students are expected to record and report their grades on a weekly basis in their planners.
    • Your grade will consist of in-class and out of class work that will be achieved through daily participation, work completion, oral presentations, individual and group collaboration.
    • Daily work completion is required as it will be awarded a grade based on 100% completion. If assignments are not completed 100%, you will not receive full credit.  Overall, completing all assignments is key to your semester grade success.
    • All homework assignments are due at the beginning of class the day after they are assigned unless otherwise announced. Any questions or concerns about a homework assignment need to be discussed with Ms. Fadel before due time.  If you choose not to discuss this with anticipation, you will accept no credit 



    • Students will inform Ms. Fadel of known future absences. Upon return to class, students will retrieve any make-up work from Ms. Fadel or assigned area, will complete the work, and will place it in corresponding class tray/basket within three school days in order to receive full credit for the work.
    • It is YOUR responsibility to make sure your absent make-up work and all other assignments are completed and turned in by the due time, otherwise at Ms. Fadel’s discretion you will lose the possible points of the assignment.
    • If an absence occurs on a Tuesday/Thursday tutorial day, an excused absence will result in an excused TRF. If the absence is unexcused, a completed TRF can be turned in the day of return for “Pre-Work” points only; otherwise a score of zero will be entered for the day.
    • Accommodations and modifications will be included according to the needs of any student with an IEP or 504 Plan.
    • There will be none to limited extra credit opportunities each semester upon AVID curriculum and Ms. Fadel’s discretion. Students must work on extra credit outside of class.
    • Parents will receive progress reports via parent portal (ParentVue) as well as progress reports via US mail every three weeks. Parents are encouraged to access ParentVue at least once a weekly basis.



    Academic tutoring and test preparation is available to all students. Additional support for passing classes and graduating on time is the intent of these services.  Support through Title I funding is available in the areas of: Math, Reading and English.  If interested, please contact Principal Mr. Keoni Dang, for additional information at (602)764-9600.



    “Absent” is defined as nonattendance in an assigned class or activity for more than one-half of the period. (PUHSD Governing Board Policy J-1561 JHR).  “Tardy” is defined as not being in the assigned class or activity when the tardy bell has finished ringing. (PUHSD Governing Board Policy J-1561 JHR).  Students may fail the class for the semester in any course when reaching a total of 12 excused/unexcused absences and after school documented interventions have been exhausted. (Student Procedures Handbook page 22) 



    This is the policy for all students who are enrolled in a World Language class.  All students will have this form signed by a parent or guardian and return the form by _______________________, 20_____.

    • Cell phones are NOT to be out for ANY reason during class (not even for checking time or responding to parents).
    • A student caught with a cell phone in hand will turn the phone over to the teacher immediately without further distractions to the class.
    • A cell phone that interrupts the learning environment may be turned over to the teacher without further distractions to the class.
    • First offense will result in a verbal and written warning.
    • Second offense will result in the cell phone/electronic device to be turned over to Ms. Fadel immediately without any distractions.  From there after, the student will be obligated to turn in his/her cell phone to Ms. Fadel at the beginning of each daily class and will receive it back at the end of each class for the rest of the semester duration. 
    • Backpacks will remain under desk on the floor or behind desk on the back of chair during class and not on students’ lap or on desk.



    All students are expected to wear their IDs at all times.  IDs are required to access many school services, including the World Language computer lab.  Students who violate this expectation may be subject to disciplinary action.



    • Class begins when the bell rings, you need to be seated and already working on bell work posted on the board.
    • The teacher, NOT the bell, dismisses the class at the end of the period.  Remain seated and work until dismissal.
    • If you need to leave the room or sharpen a pencil while class is in session, please wait for an appropriate moment.  At her discretion, Ms. Fadel reserves the right to decline your request to leave.
    • If you need a pen/pencil, you may exchange your ID for one and will return it before leaving class.
    • If you finish your work early, raise your hand and wait quietly for further instructions from Ms. Fadel.



    I welcome you and expect you to be successful in AVID 10th Grade Elective class. I can only hold positive and high expectations for you in class. Do come to my class every day on time, participate fully, and work diligently. 

    • Students will come to class prepared every day with all of the necessary materials to be successful. This means having your binder, working pen/pencil, student planner, and completed assignments.
    • Students will bring a completed TRF to AVID Tuesdays and Wednesdays. TRFs MUST be completed before the student walks in the door. Failure to have a completed TRF results in the following actions: 
      • 1st offense – verbal warning, loss of pre-work points
      • 2nd offense – loss of pre-work points, MART (Mandatory Academic Recovery Time) on offending day during lunch in official Detention Room (student still needs to complete missing TRF on his/her own time), detention on a separate day in Ms. Fadel’s room to work on the next TRF to avoid repeating offense.
      • 3rd offense – loss of pre-work points, MART detention, detention on a separate day in Ms. Fadel’s room to work on the next TRF to avoid repeating offense, and phone call home and/or parent conference.

    Please make a commitment with yourself and plan to do your best.



    1. I respect myself, my teacher, and my peers.
    2. I sit immediately and work diligently until dismissed.
    3. I participate actively and contribute positively.
    4. I withhold my cell phone/device use while I am in class.
    5. I consume food and beverages outside of class.



    Based on Ms. Fadel’s Class Procedures, Expectations, and Boundaries, let’s work together to come up with our own boundaries. Once determined, we ALL agree to abide by these boundaries relentlessly in order to establish a safe environment for ALL.



    esponsibility – Be responsible by following directions and doing what’s expected to be done.


    laboration – Elaborate by making it easier to understand and having an open mind.


    upport Support by helping each other out.


    erseverance – Persevere by completing tasks on time continuously.


    xcelling – Excel by empowering people by motivating them to do better.


    ollaboration – Collaborate by establishing good rapport between students at all times.


    rustworthiness – Be trustworthy by being honest at all times.


    ¡Bienvenido y Bienvenida! We will have an exciting productive year, I’m happy to have you in my AVID 10th Grade class! ☺