• What is Office 365? How do I use it?

             Office 365 is the web version of most of the Microsoft Office products you are accustomed to using daily on your computer (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, etc.).  They are accessed through the cloud from your favorite web browser i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, Safari - so it is always available on any Internet capable device.
    Access the Office 365 login page @ Office365 Login Page. Be sure to use your PUHSD credentials to log in.  Otherwise the access will not align to your OneDrive.
    Once logged in, you should see a toolbar similar to the one pictured below. 

    The Office 365 toolbar


    Click on any of the button to access your Office 365 programs: Outlook Mail, Calendar, OneDrive, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.


    To find more Office 365 applications, look for the little grid or ''waffle'' icon on the top left area of the window.

    The Office 365 "waffle"


    Please use the link library below to find more helpers in the Office 365.  

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