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    Earth and Space Science
    Course Description:

              This course is designed to meet the graduation requirements established by the AZ Science Standards and it also meets the laboratory science admission requirements for Arizona Universities. This course describes and evaluates how Earth and Space systems are complex with interconnected functions and structures. Earth & Space Science includes learning in four content areas, broken down by semester (Semester 1: Astronomy and Planetary Science, Semester 2: Geology and Climatology). Students will focus on skill building and problem solving toward creative and practical solutions for real-life problems related to the planet in which we live. In this class we will be gaining scientific knowledge in addition to using the skills and methods used in other courses, i.e. language arts, mathematics, and social studies. Science is an integrated topic that requires the use of interdisciplinary learning. Class activities will include lectures, lab activities, learning community work and projects, in addition to content assessments. Students will also focus on skills necessary for success in higher education and for their future careers. 

    Materials Required:
    • 1 Compositions Notebook – Wide Ruled
    • Writing utensils (Pencils/Pens)
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    UNIT Materials:
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    Unit 2
    Unit 3
    Unit 4
    Unit 5
    Unit 6