• Welcome to ARCH Program 

    Advanced Readiness at Chavez High 

    A Smaller Learning Community



    The mission of ARCH is to bridge the gap between high school and high caliber universities. The goal is for ARCH students to  work to gain acceptance into competitive colleges and universities and to possess the skills to help them succeed in their chosen field. 


    ARCH ensures that students are enrolled in a rigorous courseload that is appealing to elite university admission, and tailors courseload to student credit needs.  Students will recieve direct counseling on the college admission process and will have the opportunity to meet with multiple college representatives each year so that they are informed and prepared their senior year to make their college enrollment decision.  ARCH students will participate in ACT/SAT test preparation coursework. 


    What type of student might be a good fit for ARCH?

    A student with concrete plans to enter into a competitive university or college that is willing to take on academic challenge and push to the next level. We are looking for a student with a growth mindset, that is, believing that with effort almost anything is possible. 



    Application and Admissions Process 

    Please carefully read over the application process. All completed applications will be granted an in-person interview. Please reach out to Mr. Kibler or Ms. Loker regarding application or admission questions at ChavezARCHprogram@gmail.com
    All application materials can be submitted online at ChavezARCHprogram@gmail.com