Bel Canto Call Back Tracks

  • Bel Canto Part Tracks-

    All singers should arrive to the callback on 7/31 ready to sing Sisi Ni Moja, I Believe, Ose Shalom, and Can you Hear. Ose Shalom and Can You Hear are in the intermediate choir tab. Second sopranos learn alto or soprano for the intermediate music.


    Sisi Ni Moja

    Call backs will be done the week before we return to school, Friday July, 31st. 

    All Voices


    Soprano 1 - Ashley, Jaizmyn, Jessica*, Natalie*, Yamileth

    Soprano - Soprano 2 - Mayra*, Savonya, Stephanie, Dani* -in soprano in 2 part then jump to S2 at the end

    Alto-Soprano 2 -Andrea, Driana*, Liliana -in two part sing the alto line then jump to S2 at the end.

    Alto - Amerie, Hannah, Rebecca*, Seidy, Shelby

    Tenor- Nicholas, Rosa*, David

    Bass- Jesus, Angel, Joseph*


    If you are really struggling with the part assigned contact me. 

    * These people will serve as section leaders for now and you should contact them if you have questions.

    The sheet music is on TEAMS under the your class team under the files tab in a folder called "callback information". 


    I Believe

    All Voices


    Solo - Solo #1 - mm. 5-20 , Solo #2 - 101-116. Open to all voices to audition

    Soprano 1 -  Ashley, Jaizmyn, Jessica*, Natalie*, Yamileth - At m. 67 go up to S1 line, then at m. 117 go back to soprano line

    Soprano - Soprano 2 - Mayra*, Savonya, Stephanie, Dani* - Stay on the soprano line through the entire piece, do not jump up at m. 67. Also note there is an incorrect pitch at m. 75, please keep the same melody line and go back to the B, not the E in soprano 1. Listen to m.90 for reference. 

    Alto - Soprano 2 - Andrea, Driana*, Liliana - Alto begins on Pg. 4 m. 39, at m. 60 go up to soprano line. Note m. 75 has a wrong note. Do not go up to the S1 note, go back down to B. At m.117 go back to the alto line.

    Alto - Amerie, Hannah, Rebecca*, Seidy, Shelby - Stay on Alto the whole time

    Tenor - Nicholas, Rosa*, David - Tenor begins at m. 53

    Bass -  Jesus, Angel, Joseph* - Bass begins at m. 55


    The Star Spangled Banner

    All Voices

    Soprano- Mayra, Savonya, Stephanie, Dani, Ashley, Jaizmyn, Jessica, Natalie, Yamileth

    Alto - Amerie, Hannha, Rebecca, Seidy, Shelby, Andrea, Liliana, Driana

    Tenor - Nicholas, David, Rosa (Rosa sing the notes you can, and lip sync the ones too low or take up octave)

    Bass - Jesus, Angel, Jospeh