• Camelback TV Media Club
    Sponsor: Mr. Hayward
    Contact Information: E Mail Link
    Meeting Dates/Times/Locations: Mondays and some Fridays at lunch in the TV Studio [located in the 4000 Building]

    Camelback Now is a semi-regular TV show about the students and events at Camelback High School.  The show is student reported and edited.  It is broadcast via private links.


    • The show is about the school, not about the club or its members. The show will try to provide a positive image of the school, as much as possible.
    • Never to make fun or embarrass anyone.  Content can be funny, but not at the expense of students, staff, or our school.
    • Determine what is of interest to our audience, being as inclusive as possible.
    • Only include segments approved by club members, producers, and the Faculty Advisor. The Faculty Advisor has final approval over all content.
    • Collect as much student generated content as possible. [activities/artwork/music/etc]