• North High School Choirs:

    Premiere Beginning Choir (Mixed Choir)

    Singers study and perform songs in a wide range of styles four times a year near the end of each academic quarter. This is a great place to start! Members learn basic musicianship skills in reading music along with relaxed vocal production. Your singing range will increase and your voice will improve. No audition is required!

    Encore Honor Choir (Mixed Choir)

    This course offers advanced study in choral singing and provides opportunities for personal development through many public performances and optional solo work. Music is chosen from a wide range of choral literature. Extra time is required for rehearsals and performances such as at school pep rallies, and community service appearances on Veteran’s Day and at the Children’s Hospital annual “Ignite Hope Walk.” For honors credit, additional leadership opportunities and higher-level creative processes are expected. Open to sophomores, juniors and seniors by audition.

    Melodhex Jazz Choir (Mixed Choir)

    This is the highest level choir at North and offers advanced students the opportunity to grow musically through the study of jazz, pop and madrigal pieces. Melodhex members are frequently called on to represent North High School in the community and travel to Flagstaff every year to participate in the Jazz Madrigal Festival held at Northern Arizona University. This select group requires the highest commitment level. Rehearsals are held after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Open to sophomores, juniors and seniors by audition.

    Mustang Men’s Choir

    Men - if you like to sing but your schedule is full, this is the group for you. Offered several quarters a year, the Men’s Choir has taken North High by storm. Rehearsals are held after school, usually on Wednesdays. Come join the fun – no audition required, just a willingness to jump right in!