• Advanced Dance


    Mrs. Brown


    This course is designed for the Advanced level dancer. We will continue to build on the technique, which was developed in beginning dance. Dance genres will include ballet, modern, jazz and other cultural styles. It will also include the study in improvisation, choreography, health, the body and dance history. This is a fun, challenging, active course emphasizing on all aspects of the art of dance. Class activities will include performances, quizzes, tests and written assignments.


    Course Objectives:

    • Demonstrate knowledge of dance terminology related to the course content.

    • Demonstrate a working knowledge of correct body alignment, anatomy   and warm- ups for prevention of injuries and safety factors related to dance movements.

    • To gain a more advanced knowledge of dance history.

    • To move with correct rhythm and timing.

    • To learn the fundamental technique for all dance styles.

    •  To gain strength, flexibility and coordination.

    •  To develop an appreciation for the arts.

    •  Have a great time embracing the world of dance.

    • Build on choreography and use the tools to create dance pieces individually and with your peers.


    We follow the Arizona Dance Standards guide for class expectations as well as Trevor G. Browne High School classroom expectations.


    1. Attend all classes regularly and on time.
    2. Be prepared for all classes.
    3.  Be attentive and respond appropriately to vocal, musical or observed cues.
    4. Work cooperatively and be respectful of self and others


    Proper Attire:

    Students are required to dress out for each class starting Thursday, August 10th. Students can leave their attire in their locker throughout the week. Please take it home regularly for washing. Locks and lockers are property of the school and students will be charged $5 for each lost lock.

    Dress out attire requirements:

    • Bottoms: Black form fitted pants, capris (no shorts, no baggy pants)
    • Tops: Must be black- form fitting t-shirts, tank tops or exercise shirts, no bras or midriffs showing. Shirt may have a design as long as it is appropriate to school dress code.
    • Socks and street shoes are not allowed on the dance room floor.
    • Hair must be pulled back off of the face.
    • Dance shoes are optional.       
    • No gum!
    • No large jewelry.


    No cell phones, please lock them in your locker. We will follow all TBGHS rules on cell phones. If they are brought to class, they will be taken to office.

    **You must keep ALL items locked in your locker! Any items lost or stolen are not to responsibility of Mrs. Brown, the Performing Arts Department or TGB High School.**


    I will make the final decision regarding proper attire for class. Your participation grade will be lowered if you are not dressed out in proper attire. The proper attire allows your teacher to see alignment and movement of the body and makes it easier for you to dance to your highest level comfortably.


    Materials Required Daily: Interactive Dance Notebook

    1. Spiral binder
    2. 2 pocket folder
    3. Lined paper that can be placed in or taken out of spiral binder

    Please have these materials by Wednesday of the first week of school. We will label the tabs together in class, and use it periodically throughout the course. Students are best advised to store the notebook in their dance locker so that it is always available without carrying it to and from school every day. The notebook contains information for all written quizzes, tests, as well as the concert critique assignment requirements and dance journals. Bringing the notebook on assigned days is a class requirement.


    Grading: Your grade will be based on the following:

    Assessments/Classroom Performance - 60%

    Present, prompt and dressed in appropriate dancewear.

    Actively participating throughout class period, each day.


    Interactive notebook/Classroom assignments - 20%

    Group projects/assignments.

    Weekly notebook check/journal grades. 


    Performance and Written Final Exam- 20%

    Attend all scheduled rehearsals and performances for both the fall and spring concert.  

     A written final will be given at the end of each semester. 


    Grades:    A = 90%-100%

                    B = 80%-89%

                    C = 70%-79%

                    D = 60%-69%

                    F = 59% or lower


    Participation and Absences:

    If you sit out of class due to illness or injury, you will loose participation points for that day. You will need to complete make-up work in order to earn the points you missed for not participating in class. Assignments will be in the dance room. You will choose an assignment and do it during the class period or you can take it home to be turned in the following day.

    If any work is missed due to absences you will have one week to complete the assignment or test to get full credit. Please talk to your teacher ASAP in order to make arrangements for missed work. During concert time, you will want to meet with a friend or make after school arrangements to learn missed material.


    Semester Projects

    Semester 1 Project

    Dance Careers Research project, you will present on

     December 14th-15th.


    Semester 2 Project

    Concert Critique: Each student is required to attend one live dance concert in the Spring.

    Student Dance Concert:

    Every class will showcase dance pieces they have learned at the annual Trevor Student Dance Show. The concerts are mandatory and are considered part of your final which will be given a grade for. Extra after-school rehearsals will be required. More specific details will be issued at a later date. Please be sure to save the date and plan accordingly.


    Fall Concert

    November 13th- November 15th – Mandatory rehearsal 3:30pm to 6pm

    November 16th-Concert at 6pm


    **Spring Concert Dates will be shared at the end of Fall Semester**





     Please do not be tardy to class. It is disruptive to the class and will result in a loss of points. Students who are not inside the seated in their attendance circle spot when the tardy bell rings will be considered tardy, and will lose 5 participation points for the day.


    Injured/ Long Term Illness/ Medical Excuses:

    If a student is injured and unable to participate in class, the student MUST have a note to excuse him or her. The note may be from a doctor, parent, school nurse, or athletic trainer. If the excuse is for more than three (3) consecutive class periods, the student must bring a doctor’s note. Once a doctor’s note has been received for an injury, the student MUST provide a doctor’s note for clearance to resume participation. Any time a student does not fully participate in class they will lose participation points for the day. If the non-participation is excused via doctor’s note, they will be allowed to turn in make-up work to regain the points.

    *Please note that dance is a very physically demanding activity. Success in dance class is heavily dependent on daily participation, and making up points from frequent non-participation can be time-consuming. If you suffer from a chronic or recurring physical injury you may want to consider taking a different course to fulfill your graduation requirements or taking this class at a later time when you have healed completely.


    Media Release: The public nature of the Trevor G. Browne High School Dance Program means that pictures and videos will be taken of all students and may be used by the school for promotional purposes or within the classroom for learning opportunities. If you wish to not use images of your student, please indicate that on the parent signature sheet.


    Tactical Teaching: As instructors we find it extremely necessary to be able to give hands-on instruction. In order to correct, and benefit the dancers, we will be doing this in class. If there are any problems with this please come and talk to us during the first week of class so that accommodations can be made.


    Teacher Availability: 

    If any questions arise during the semester, Mrs. Brown can be reached at  or by phone at