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         Welcome to our Maryvale High School Boys Soccer webpage.  This is home of the Panthers.  We at Maryvale High School hold a tremendous group of very talented soccer student athletes.  Our goal as coaches is to train our athletes to play at their fullest capacity on or off the field.
    Code of Conduct for Student-Athletes & Parents
    Trustworthiness - Be worthy of trust in all that you do.
    Respect - Treat all people with respect all the time.
    Responsibility - Do what you are supposed to do. 
    Fairness - Live up to high standards of fair play; be open-minded; always willing to listen and learn. 
    Caring - Demonstrate concern for others; never engage in reckless behavior that might cause injury to yourself or others. 
    Hoyos:  (Varsity)  (602) 764-2238 ahoyos@phoenixunion.org
    Coach Díaz:      (JV)         (602) 373-3301
    Coach López:   ( Fresh)   (602)764-2042 lopez@phoenixunion.org
    Athletic Department:  (602)764-2012 Athletic Director: Sharon Bernero bernero@phoenixunion.org  
                                                                                                 Christian Silva csilva@phoenixunion.org 
     Pratice @ Maryvale High School Soccer Fields   View Map > Click Here
     Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday
     3-5:30 PM      3-5:30 PM      3-5:30 PM           3-5:30 PM      3-5:30 PM 
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    Varsity team @ San Luis for post season playoffs!
    Freshman team 2017-2018