Brian Guliford

             Greetings South Mountain students, parents, and community. My name is Brian Guliford. It is my pleasure to serve you as Principal of the finest high school in the country. Our talented teachers and enriched academic programs truly sets us apart from all other large comprehensive high schools.
              As a proud graduate of Peoria High School in 1992, my participation in athletics and on extracurricular teams & events created opportunities for me to attend college. Attending Northern Arizona University, I was a football player in the fall and a hurdler on the track team in the spring, graduating in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and a Minor in Sociology. During the summer of 1996, I had the unique pleasure and opportunity to work at the Arizona State House of Representatives under the tutelage of the Honorable Representative Art Hamilton and Bob McClendon. Experiencing the logistics of our state Government provided me an excellent foundation for state service. Working the legislative session of 1997 created a natural transition to the Arizona State Department of Juvenile Corrections, serving one of Arizona’s most underrepresented student populations. This experience created within me a tremendous motivation, desire, and passion to continue to work with young adults at secondary educational level. This transition was initially problematic because I had no undergraduate degree in any educational field. With persistence, perseverance, and a growth mindset, in August of 1998, I received a Post Baclurette in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Social Studies instruction.

             I had the pleasure of student teaching at Peoria High School, the very same high school I attended. The following Spring I was offered a full time teaching position at Peoria High School as a Social Studies teacher (Government, Economics, World History, U.S. History, Geography, Law in American Society, Law Enforcement, Psychology and Sociology).  From 1997-2007, I served the students and Peoria community as a teacher, football coach, basketball coach, and track & Field coach. In 2006, I received a Master of Arts Degree in Educational Leadership. In 2007, I became an Assistant Principal at Desert Palms Elementary, working there for four years. I spent another two years as an Assistant Principal at Coyote Hills Elementary Principal, then another year at Pioneer Elementary. For a total of seven years I worked as a building Assistant Principal within the Peoria Unified School District. For three of those seven years, I also worked as a district Elementary Athletic Director, coordinating all facets of athletic programing at 33 elementary school within the PUSD. During the 2014-2015 school year, I worked in the Pendergast Elementary  School District serving as a Program Administrator providing oversight of the district’s self-contained alternative education program (P.A.W.S. Program). Having the opportunity to create, develop, and implement a very successful hybrid behavior programming model is definitely a highlight of my professional career. The 2015-2016 scholastic year brought me to the Phoenix Union High School District serving as the Assistant Principal for Student Opportunities at Maryvale High School. Working within a large comprehensive high school with over 3000 students created and an awesome pathway for me to begin to serve as your Principal this school year at South Mountain.

             It is also important to share that I could not have been blessed with these opportunities without the love and support of my dear Wife Kimberly whom I’ve been married to for 18 years. Raising four children of our own has enhanced my experience as an educator and has added a great deal of value to the interactions I have with our students at South. My foremost objective as Principal is to serve our students, parents, and community at the highest level possible. 

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