Students always ask about how to get free money for college, and scholarships are great way to do that.  Scholarships are usually awarded for some type of merit -- whether that's academic success, school involvement, leadership, and/or community service.  However, some scholarships can be for random things like "having an interest in the outdoors" or taking a cool selfie with a milk mustache!  All students should make it a point to look into all available scholarships.

    College Depot is an amazing resource for all of our students who want to put in the time and earn big bucks!  The Depot keeps a very thorough list of all upcoming scholarships, and students can scroll through and see which ones that meet the criteria for.  We encourage students to visit their page once a week to see if anything new has posted. 

    In addition to College Depot, there are dozens of web-based programs that will search for scholarships for you!  Most of these databases are for national, very large pool scholarships, but it definitely can't hurt to look at all options!