• The Backpack (In-Out Folders) are set up!

    Improvements were made to the campus based backpack folders to ensure better student privacy, reduce clutter, and better document security.
    Please use the following processes and guidelines to ensure proper use of these folders.


    • To access, students navigate to the singular folder Backpack > Teachers, for staff it is found in the Briefcase > In-Out Folders.
    • Within each Teacher folder we have created the familiar period folders, which can be utilized or wiped to create customized folders to accommodate teacher preference.
    • Documents submitted by students to the Turn-in folder cannot be modified once they have been submitted (for testing purposes), nor can they be opened by any other student except for the owner (for student privacy). Staff still have full permissions to open, move and delete documents as necessary.
    • Students cannot save directly into the folder, instead they save to their personal H-Drive or portable USB device and submit a copy of the file by dragging their document to the folder, ensuring that they also keep a copy of their work for their own record.

     We've included a downloaded visual guide to help you further.  Please click on the link below to retrieve it.


    If you have any issues, please contact the Help Desk for any further assistance.