• Community Service Ideas
    1) Help support Cesar's Closet at CCHS 
    2) Help support CCHS Sport's Teams/Events
    3) Help support CCHS Best Buddies Program 
    4) Hold a benefit food, clothes or car wash for a cause
    5) Support local homeless shelters
    6) Clean for the elderly or disabled
    7) Read/tutor a child or during advisory/after school
    8) Adopt a local street
    9) Visit a veteran
    10) Contact your local church and offer your help (tutor, Bible studies, clean, organize drives)
    11) Volunteer at your local Phoenix Public Library (Teen Programs)
    12) Volunteer at your local Arizona Humane Society
    13) Volunteer at the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (Help puppies get fresh air and exercise) 
    14) Volunteer at our Phoenix Zoo (Zoo Teen)
    15) Offer support at St. Mary's Food Bank
    16) Offer help to Hospice of the Valley (Teen Volunteers)
    17) Contact the City of Phoenix Youth Volunteer Opportunities
    18) Contact Ronald McDonald House Charities of Phoenix Volunteer Opportunities
    19) Volunteer at the local Laveen Community BBQ 
    20) Volunteer at a local race (Cure, Relay for Life)
    21) Volunteer at your local Children's Hospital
    22) Contact your local post office during the Christmas holiday and answer Santa letters for needy children 
    23) Visit a Retirement Home regularly
    24) Help an adult learn to read
    25) Using social media, educate your readers about a worthy cause by posting helpful information
    26) Organize a dance marathon for a worthy cause
    27) Mentor a younger student (Big Brother, Big Sister) 
    28) Send cards to soldiers
    29) Organize a CCHS sports game for a cause
    30) Raise money for the Red Cross
    31) Help register people to vote
    32) Volunteer at your local police station or firehouse
    33) Volunteer as a crossing guard for a local elementary school
    34) Teach home safety/street safety to children at a local school
    35) Produce a local/neighborhood newsletter (share positive things happening at your school and community)