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                                                                                                         Maryvale Be A Leader
                                                                             College Bound Prepared & Focused
    Sponsors: Mr. Mario López                lopez@phoenixunion.org
                       Ms. Suzane Hernández    shernandez@phoenixunion.org
                       Ms. Eloisa Horvath           horvath@phoenixunion.org
                       Ms. María Calderon           mcalderon1@phoenixunion.org
                       Ms. Martha Olibarria            olibarria@phoenixunion.org           
    Be A Leader Foundation Rep:
                       Mr. Cesar Arzola              cesar.arzola@bealeaderfoundation.org 
    Meeting: Thursdays ~ 3:10 - 4:00 pm Staff Cafeteria

    This is Maryvale's College-Going Network!
    Maryvale High School is proud to offer the Be A Leader campus club! Be A Leader Club is student-run club open to all students who express a desire to achieve a college education.  It is a forum for members to network and discuss such college-going topics as financial aid, SAT/ACT preparation, and effective personal statements. Club members can also take part in fun workshops and participate in various activities including college visits, career shadow days, community service/ volunteer projects, and more!
    The Be A Leader Foundation designs programs that provide a positive learning environment and a college-focused mentality for each participant to develop their high school and college educational plan (4 plus 4 plan). We work directly with middle school and high school students in primarily inner-city schools to engage them into active development of their self-esteem, leadership skills and long term preparation of their 4 plus 4 plan. Ultimate success is achieved through our long-term relationship and stewardship of their educational evolution from middle school into high school, culminating with active participation at the university level and ultimately a college degree.
     Maryvale High School Club Officers
     Be A Leader Officers   
    Presidents:  Paulina Chinchilla Martínez & Armando Alvarez
    Vice Pres  :  Tania Ramos López & Michelle Palomera
    Activities Chair:
    Marketing & Recruiting Chair:
    Nallely Retana                  President                 
    Ashley Ornelas                 Vice President                                     
    Tania Ramos                    Secretary                                                                                  
    Ariz Duarte                      Marketing & Recruitment Chair                       
    Ruby Silvas                      Activities Chair
    Be A Leader Officers 208/2019
     Be A Leader Club Officers 2018 2019
     (Left to Right)
    Nellely Retana, Ruby Silva, Ariz Duarte,Tania Ramos
    Andrea Rodriguez, Arely Medina, Xitlaly Campos, Michelle Palomero
    Be A Leader Club 2018 - 2019!
     Be A Leader Club 2018 2019
    Find out about student workshops / Parent Meetings / Events, and vital information.  
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    This Year's Events
    Current Events:  
    2019 Club Banquet
    2019 Banquet             Be A Leader Banquet 2019
    University of Southern California Trip 2019!
    USC Trip 2019
    The Walk 2018 at Civic Space Park (Downtown Phoenix)!
    Be A Leader Walk 2018A Be A Leader Walk 2018B
    Home Coming Parade 2018 (College Bound Prepared & Focused)!
    Homecoming Parade 2018A Homecoming Parade 2019B
    Upcoming Events:




    Pre Football Game Fund Raising!!!


    NAU April 23, 2018  Image result for Northern Arizona University

    2018 Be A Leader Club Banquet

     BAL 1  Smile!


     BAL 2    

    Our Seniors moving on to greater accomplishments! 

    BAL 3  Delicious Food!

    BAL 4  Delicious!




    Having Ohhh, Soooo much fun Volunteering @ The Lakes!

    Canyon Lake                 Lake Pleasant          Sahuaro Lake                Bartlett Lake            Tempe Town Lake
    Canyon Lake Awards Barlett Lake 2017 Canyon Lake (BAL)
     Main Event 2017
     Hanging @ Main Event Laser Tag 2017
     Be A Leader 2017 Pic 8
    Be A Leader January 2018 Officer's Retreat @ Gateway CC 
    Be A Leader 2017 Pic 7  Be A Leader 2017 Pic 6
    Be A Leader 2017 Pic 5 Be A Leader 2017 Pic 4
    Be A Leader Officers 2016-2017
     Leaders Retreat Jan 2017
    Officer's Retreat January 27, 2017 
    Be A Leader 2017
    Be A Leader Officers 2017-2018
    Be A Leader Officers 2
    Lilian Bustamante                               President
    Patricia Pérez                                    Vice President
    Yeraldy Cabrera                                Secretary  
    Tania Ramos                                     Marketing & Recruitment Chair
     Ruby Silvas                                      Activities Chair
    Be A Leader Club 2017
    Be A Leader Club 2017 - 2018!

     October 21, 2018  Where over 200 colleges and universities come and share with our students.

     Be A Leader Walk 2018A Be A Leader Walk 2018B