• Multimedia Communications

    Multimeida communciations is a coordinated occupational approach to learning and practicing the concepts in the print, radio, and video broadcast journalism industry. Students will use learned skills to work at a high level as individuals and in a team to produce a weekly campus newspaper, Southwinds, and television news program, Jaguar News. 
    Expect to Learn:
    • Print journalism
    • Radio broadcast journalism
    • Video broadcast journalism
    • Improve communication skills
    • Write dialogue
    • Compose articles
    • Use state of the art communications technologies
    • Be behind the camera of on-air Jaguar News
    Other Features:
    • Internship opportunities available
    Career information for this industry:
    • Salary range: $26,270 - $155,840
    • Education range: Bachelor's degree
    • Projected job growth: 11%
    Statistics according to Bureau of Labor Statistics for Film and Video Editors and Camera Operators/Film and Video Editors, Retrieved: 5/23/2016

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