• The Warrior Project – English 7

    Driving Question=>What does it mean to be a warrior in the year 2015?

    Background=>The literature we are reading this semester explores the notion of warriors as heroes.  Both Beowulf and Macbeth represent “warrior cultures,” and are much admired in their communities for their achievements as warriors.  But, hey, those Dark Ages dudes have nothing to do with us modern, civilized folks, right?  Well, not so fast.  Take a look at the most popular movies, sports, and games, not to mention the fact that we have been “at war” since 2001, and it does not take long to conclude that we are currently living in a “warrior society”.  We still admire the idea and ideal of the warrior as hero.

    The Project=>Your group will create a prototype for the 21st-century warrior.  Select and research an example of “warrior culture” in our own time--2015.  Possibilities include but are not limited to the following:

    • The first women to complete Army Ranger training 
    • The warrior movement at Metro Tech (and Phoenix)
    • Returning veterans from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq
    • An activist movement that “fights” for a cause
    • The criminal world of gangs or drug cartels
    • Law enforcement agencies that fight crime
    • Professional athletes as “warriors”
    • “Subcultures” that develop a “warrior” mentality, e.g. hackers
    Publication and Audience=>We will do a gallery walk in which each group displays and discusses its warrior prototype. 
    Your research—key quotations from the articles that you read—will be part of your display.  You will also include as part of your prototype some reflections on at least a few of the questions listed below:
    • Should we admire your warrior?  Why or why not?
    • What qualities does your prototype represent?
    • What “real-life” examples of your prototype could you give?
    • What are the costs and benefits of achieving and maintaining this warrior’s status?
    • How does the word “warrior” help to describe your prototype?  Or is there a better word?  

Links to warrior articles