• Engineering

    In the beginning engineering course, Student become familiar with engineering design development and technology systems. Students will use problem-solving skills and teamwork to create products in a project centered environment. Competition opportunities will be included through participation with SkillsUSA, a national and state career and technical student organization.
    Expect to learn:
    • Build and program robotics and automated systems
    • Read blueprints and technical drawings for project design
    • Produce mechanical parts, assemblies and drawings
    • Create products using problem solving skills and teamwork
    Other Features:
    • College credit and internship opportunities may be available
    Career information for this industry:
    • Salary range: $53,640 - $128,430
    • Education range: Bachelor's Degree
    • Projected job growth: 5%
    Statistics according to Bureau of Labor Statistics for Mechanical Engineers, Retrieved: 5/23/2016

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    Camelback Fairfax

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