• Computer Game Design

    Students in this course will study the technology, science and art involved in the creation of computer games. Study Will include programming languages, scripting languages, operating systems, file systems, networks, simulation engines, and multimedia design systems. Students will study some of the underlying scientific concepts from computer science and related fields including: simulation and modeling, graphics, artificial intelligence, real-time processing, and game theory. Additional study will include the art and design principles for developing usable and engaging games including: software engineering, human computer interaction, thematic structure, graphic design choreography, music and sound effects, and game aesthetics. Students gain valuable leadership and employment skills and receive opportunities for scholarships and community involvement by participating in SkillsUSA, a state and national career and technical organization.

    Expect to learn how to:

    • Develop useful and engaging games
    • Execute programming and scripting
    • Create storylines
    • Incorporate thematic structure, graphic design, music, and sound effects

    Other Features:

    • College Credit and internships may be available

    Career information for this industry:

    • Salary range: $64,600 - $159,850
    • Education range: Bachelor's Degree
    • Projected job growth: 17%
    Statistics according to Bureau of Labor Statistics for Software Developers, Systems Software/Software Developers, Retrieved: 5/23/2016

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