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    Book Checkout Policy 
    After school starts, a student needs a pass from class and an ID in order to come to the library to check out a book.
    Book checkout is limited to three at a time, for a period of two weeks.
    If a student needs more time, he/she may bring the book to renew it for another two weeks.
    If a student forgot his/her ID or has a fine or overdue book, we hold books for a week.
    A student bringing back a damaged book or with a lost book must pay for it at the bookstore and we will clear their fine.
    Library Pass Policy
    Lunch passes and free period passes are required due to the heavy volume of students. 
    They also serve as a behavior monitoring system.
    If a student comes regularly for five or more times (and is not a behavior issue), she/he can ask to look through the passes box, collect his/her five passes and we will write a semester pass that the student needs to keep and show during lunch entry. 
    Advisory Travel to the Library
    Students needing to use a computer to complete schoolwork may sign up to come to the library during advisory.
    Students must have their planners stamped by library personnel.
    The Library Advisory sign-up book is only out on the day of expected travel, first come, first serve.
    The library will not be open during advisory on no-travel days, or when the librarian is absent.
    No passes from class are accepted during advisory.
    Students must report to their Advisory class first to be signed out, and then come to the library after the travel bell.

Library Policies