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computer club
computer club
computer club
  • About the Carl Hayden Computer Club:


    Our Purpose:


    The Carl Hayden Computer Club is an extracurricular organization dedicated to students who enjoy working and playing with computer technology.


    Our club meets every Friday at 3:15pm. If you plan to attend, please be prompt. Meetings are generally 45 minutes to an hour long.


    Following the Friday meeting, Video Game Night begins! Video Game Night lasts until 6:30pm.


    All students currently enrolled at Carl Hayden Community High School are eligible to join. To become a member, one simply needs to attend one of the weekly Friday meetings. New members will be inducted into the club upon their first visit, and will be considered “in good standing” and issued a club ID upon filling out the club Information Form and paying the required one-time-only $1.00 club due. To remain in good standing, members must attend club meetings regularly, or provide written documentation from a responsible adult explaining why they could not attend. Members missing three or more meetings without written explanation will be considered “inactive members” and may be ineligible for certain club events and activities. Rumors of a “secret induction ceremony” can neither be confirmed nor denied at this time, and should be disregarded.

     Secret Induction Ceremony?

    I have no idea what you’re talking about.

     Video Game Night

    Every Friday night after the regular meeting, Computer Club hosts Video Game Night! At Video Game Night, students are welcome to bring in their favorite consoles and play them on our 90″ projection screens. We also host a 25-machine PC LAN for multi-player PC gaming. Non-members are welcome to join us as a visiting guest. However, to attend a subsequent meeting, you must join.


    The club is sponsored by Mr. Michael Marmolejo and Mr. Gary Newman, and is brought to you by the Center for Computer Studies Magnet Program at Carl Hayden High School.


    "Knowledge is power. Power is everything."



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