• Project directions: Step One
    1. Find your group members and table assigned to your group by doing the following:
      1. Go to StudentVue (Use the Phoenixunion.org site and it is under Students tab).
      2. Check your grades for English 1.
      3. In the assignment "Groups for What makes a good STEAM student", you will find a number. That is your group number.
      4. Find the table matching that number and proceed with the rest of the directions.
    2. To learn each other's name, complete these steps to learn each other's names.
      1. Going around in a circle, state your name.
      2. Again, going around in a circle, name your favorite movie.
      3. For the third round, describe your best quality OUTSIDE of school and academics.
      4. As a group, find me to take your quiz over names. Each of you must know the following:
        1. Name of each member
        2. One fact you learned from that member

    1. As a group, generate a list of factors your group believes a successful STEAM student should have: Academic skills, personal skills, collaboration skills, etc.
    2. Generate AT LEAST 10 skills needed.
    3. Email this brainstorm to me following these guidelines. Only ONE person needs to email this:
      1. Email: birch@phoenixunion.org
      2. Subject line: Project brainstorm
      3. List names of group members at the top.
      4. Underneath, copy and paste the brainstorm.
      5. Send.
      6. If you are very techie, cc your fellow group members.

  • Project directions: Step Two

    Tonight's Homework:

    1. On a SINGLE sheet of paper, write down each group member's name.
    2. Each group member needs to select one person on campus to ask one question. This person must be a sophomore and older, including any adults you see.
    3. Write the selection of interviewee for each group member (For example, Joe, Jane the security guard)
    4. Today, tonight, ask this question and record/write down the answer:
      1. What does it take to be successful at Metro Tech High School?
    5. Each member must have this answer tomorrow for English.

  • Project: Step Three
      1. Select one person to take notes from all members.
      2. Each member needs to report on their interviewee and the answer given.
      3. As your group listens to the responses,  the recorder needs to take notes in one document.
      4. Once all have reported, each member needs to sign the bottom of the notes agreeing to what the notes report.
      5. Turn into Ms. Birch.

    • Project: Step Four
      1. Using your brainstorm list, assign each of your group members to a topic. At this stage, it may be wise to elect a leader and recorder.
      2. Each member needs to do a cursory or quick search in Google of the topic. 
      3. For the sites found, evaluate and choose one to focus on for this step.
      4. At the top of the page, type of the name of the site and the URL (this starts with http or https).
      5. Find at least 10 facts/suggestions/points on that topic per person.
      6. Paraphrase those 10 in a Word document or on a sheet of paper.
      7. Be ready to use on Thursday, as I will be granting points for individual note taking.
      Example (and no, this example may NOT be used by any group):
        • Possessing a positive attitude
        • Being flexible
        • Having knowledge about academic policies and deadlines
        • Using good communication skills
        • Having good time management skills
        • Being able to organize yourself
        • Having a clear sense of your goal
        • Being independent
        • Knowing when and how to seek help
        • Strong commitment to completing your program of study

    • Project: Step Five
      1. Homework: Write up of members' answers
        1. Using each members' homework (asking one person the question "What makes a student successful at Metro Tech HS?"),  create one document that reports the information.
        2. When combining into one document, use Google Docs and share that document. 
          1. For directions on how to use Google Docs and sharing, click here.
        3. Please share the document with me at this email:  dawn.birchpuhsd@gmail.com 
        4. Criteria for evaluation:
          1. All members' answers included
          2. Polished and clear in language structure
          3. Document for me