• Trevor Browne High School

    Response to Intervention Team

     Developing Strategies for Student Success

    What is the Response to Intervention (RTI) Team ?

    The focus of the I-Team is to develop interventions for students who do not have and IEP and are not responding to Tier I and Tier II classroom academic, social emotional and behavior interventions.

    Who is on the I-Team? 

    · Assistant Principal of Instruction

    • Social Worker
    • Student Prevention/Intervention Specialist
    • Counselor 
    • Instructional Specialist
    • Behavior Interventionist
    • Math Teacher
    • English Teacher
    • Reading Teacher
    • Special Education Teacher
    • School Nurse
    • School Psychologist is a consulting member as needed

     When should I refer?


    •  Tier I and Tier II interventions have been utilized but are not helping the student to be successful. 
    • Student is not grasping basic concepts or retaining information covered in recent weeks.
    • Student is still displaying disruptive and defiant behavior despite interventions being tried. 
    • Student seems tired most of the time and has increased absences recently. 
    •  Student cannot seem to stay focused.  Student is easily distracted and always out of  his seat.
    • Student has had a major drop in grades.


     How are students referred?


    ~  Teachers and/or staff members complete a referral form communicating concern to the RTI team (link below).  

    ~  The RTI team will collect information on what Tier I and Tier II classroom interventions have been used to address the student's needs.

    ~ A meeting with the counselor, student, parent and the multi-disciplinary RTI Team will be scheduled. 

    What to expect from the RTI-Team:
    # Students will be screened to assess if class placement is correct in math, reading or English.

    # RTI-Team will provide teacher’s research based interventions to implement in the classroom.  Interventions may 
        be academic, behavior and/or social emotional supports.  

    # The student’s counselor will monitor progress to assure interventions are implemented with fidelity. 

    # A student who does not respond to Tier I and Tier II interventions may require further Tier III interventions to be
       explored by the RTI-Team
    Refer to RTI-Team