• What is OneDrive For Business?   


          OneDrive is a secure cloud (or Internet-based) storage location provided by Microsoft.  There are actually two versions of OneDrive; a personal drive and a business drive.

    Every district employee with a Phoenix Union email has access to the OneDrive for Business in their name.  Please note that the OneDrive For Business is NOT the same as your H: drive.  OneDrive is Internet based while your H: drive is only accessible while on the PUHSD network at any of our locations.

    The OneDrive should already be accessible from your HP Tablet as the application is already installed. Once data is in the OneDrive, it is accessible from any device that can connect to the Internet.  To access your Phoenix Union OneDrive, one only needs to connect to the Internet, then navigate to the Office365 Login Page.  
    Your Outlook email will always open first in the Office 365 website.  However, if you look in the bar at the top of the page to the left, you will see a group of small boxes that, when you hover over it, it will say "apps".  Clicking there will give many other Office apps available for your use; including the OneDrive.
    ** It should be noted that Windows almost always finds your LAST saving location first when you attempt to save any document.  If you save to the OneDrive for Business, it will continue to give you the option to continue saving to that location until you save to another location. **