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    If you are wanting to submit an electronic requisition request to your bookstore, please click on your school name below.  For questions or concerns regarding the form, please contact the Bookstore Manager at your site or the Bookstore Operations Manager at 602-764-1443.
    **Having difficulties with the form? Place an IT request to the Help Desk at helpdesk@phoenixunion.org
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    To submit a requisition for your site please select the name of your school.  A form will open up in a new browser.  Download and save the form to your desktop prior to filling out.  When filled out completely, be sure to check the documents being delivered to the Bookstore, and select the send button.  You are welcome to save the filled out form for your records by selecting "save as" in the file menu and changing the name to meet your event/requisition.  
    ***PLEASE NOTE:  you must take any required attachments to the Bookstore.  Your requisition will not be processed until all documents have been received.
    Report any issues with this page to the Student Activities Manager at (602) 764-1443.