• STEM Guitar- Project Based Learning
     guitarbuilding.org  Check out KTAR's News Story Aired on May 12, 2015 

    This year, I spent my Spring Break getting innovative technical training to help implement project based STEAM curriculum for my CTE (Career Technical Education) Engineering classes. CTE Teachers aim to attract, educate, and prepare students for success in college, career and life.


    During the week of March 16, 2015 the National Science Foundation hosted a local Faculty Training Institute on the STEM Guitar Project. Teachers are exposed to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) hands-on, applied learning techniques to help engage students and spark excitement for learning STEM subject matter. (http://www.guitarbuilding.org/)

    This training is well designed to emphasize STEAM concepts in a project that is challenging, fun, educational and relevant. I witnessed an infectious passion for learning and building in my fellow classmates (also educators). 


    For the STEM guitar project, electrical guitar kits build instructions are coupled with STEAM lesson elements:

                   Science - wood for guitars, decibel scale, string tension

                   Technology - CAD headstock design

                   Engineering - Wiring and assembly electronics

                   Arts - sanding, staining, and playing the guitar

                   Math - Fret spacing calculations, scale length and frequency 


    The STEM guitar project is is a game changer!  I had the opportunity during training to interview area high school students who have built guitars. Their learning experience has helped them make better connections with the content in all of their classes. Students exposed to guitar building report a dramatic improvement in grades.