• Welcome to the Betty H. Fairfax Engineering Home Page!

    Teacher: Mr. Stephan Gracia 
    Classroom# 4111 & 4112 
    602-764-9000 Ext. 49136 


    Engineering Skills Pay Bills!

    Are you looking for skills that will help land you a good paying  job right out of high school or are you planning to go to college first? Either way, this class will help you prepare.  First and foremost, an engineer is a problem solver!


    My course offer hands-on experiences and incorporate technical skills while using the most advanced software and equipment!
    • Culture of engineering – using a design process with understanding by design
    • Engineering computer tools to simulate and model
    • Communication and problem-solving skills in a team environment.
    • Technical areas and tools: robotics, programmable logic control systems, design software, electronics, Coding, Computer Numerical Machining and Lathe technology

    Classes Offered:

      Engineering 1-2

      Engineering 3-4

      Engineering 5-6*

    *College Accreditation Coming Soon!

     build your own robot!   laser cutter   build an electric guitar!

    In my engineering class, we will use science and math to solve problems.

    Check out the CTE STEAM website


    Arizona Department of Education Course Standards Assessed:

    Automation/Robotics and WorkPlace Employability Skills