• To see a list of the computer lab schedule, see below.  You may play the slideshow or select a specific date at the bottom.

    Lab information is as follows:
    Turquoise Lab - South end of library - 36 student computers
    Silver Lab - North end of library - 36 student computers
    Red Lab - Located in LA 1B (room behind the circulation counter in the library) - 32 student computers 
    Gold Lab - Right Outside Library - 32 student computers
    Copper Lab - S 9 -Used for Edgenuity
    Mobile Laptop Carts A &  B- 32 student laptops on each cart.  Carts A & B picked up in Gold Lab just outside the main door to the Library. 
    To schedule a lab, email Mr. Richard Campbell, Computer Lab Assistant, at rcampbell@phoenixunion.org with the desired dates and periods. Be aware that online mandated testing takes precedence.
    The rules for the computer labs are as follow:
    -  No food, drinks, gum (only thing permitted is water in leak-proof bottles)
    -  Cell phones and other electronic devices should be stored away
    -  Computers are to be used for educational purposes.  Students not using computers for educational purposes can have their rights suspended.