• Club Name
    Sponsor: Samantha Brown 
    Contact Information:
    Meeting Dates/Times/Locations: Thursdays at 3:15 PM- 3:45 PM in the TGB Dance Room 4015

                                                                                     Welcome to the TGB Dance Club!
    This club is open to any current student at TGB, you do not need to be apart of the dance program to be apart of this club! Just come ready to sweat, make new friends and learn a new appreciation about the art of dance!
    Common Questions: 
    Q: Who runs dance club?
    A: The TGB Dance Company! These are some of our awesome leaders in the TGB Dance department, these students teach the classes and create small movement phrases to teach students! This is a great way for our company members to learn how to teach others and share their passion of dance with their community. 
    Q: Do I need to be in the dance department to participate in this club?
     A: No! All you need is to be interested in learning something new and working with your peers.
    Q: How much is the club fee?
    A: The club fee is $2.00 and that should be paid to the bookstore, bring your reciept and give it to Mrs. Brown. The $2.00 covers the fall and spring semester.
    Q: Do I need to be a good dancer to be in this club?
    A: If you can walk you can dance, this club is a great way to learn new techniques and become more confident. Any level is welcome, just be ready to try something new and challenge yourself!
    Q: Do I need to wear dance clothes?
    A: No however you will be sweating quite a bit so I would suggest to wear something comfortable. Street shoes and socks are not allowed on the dance floor. 
    Q: What kind of dance styles will I learn?
    A: Jazz, Modern, Hip-Hop, Conditioning, Contemporary, Partner work, Lyrical, and much more! 

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