Students will create a presentation summarizing what they have learned this semester about themselves.  Students will need to include the following in their presentation:

    Essential Question: What career do you want to pursue after high school and why? (be specific this should be a profession not a career field)


    You will answer the essential question using evidence from the work that you have done this semester. This will come from 3 key areas, personal inventories, personal financial goals based on work in EverFi, and program rotations

    1.      Introduction – What Career do you want to pursue and why?

    2.      Personal Inventories –

    a.      Select 3 personal inventories that you completed during the semester (from the Personality Types worksheet and AZCIS surveys) that support this being a good career for you.

    b.      Explain what each assessment/activities proved to you.  What did you learn about yourself?

    c.       Show/display/print results of the selected surveys as evidence to support your assertion.

    3.      EverFi –

    a.      What are your financial goals for your future?

    b.      What will you have to do to achieve those?

    c.       How does the career you identified support those?

    4.      Program Rotation –

    a.      Which 3 programs (in order) best support the career that you selected. Explain how each supports your career

    b.      Based on your rotation experiences and reflections which of those programs are you most interested in enrolling in, and why?

    5.      Summary - Did your idea of what careers you were interested in change over the course of this semester? If yes, what experiences and information prompted your change in thinking? If no, what experiences and information support your choice?

    Students can create the project presentation in any of a number of formats including but not limited to those listed below. It must, however, provide the all of the information above.


    • Poster/Trifold
    • Prezi
    • Trifold Booklette/Brochure(Publisher)
    • Video podcast
    • PowerPoint



    These will be graded twice.

    1.  The physical or electronic product with the required information will be turned in and graded by the end of the semester (25% or more of your 1st Semester Grade)
    2. Students will present their project to their teacher and class at the beginning of 2nd semester
    See the Rubrics (linked here) for how the materials and presentation will be graded.