• NSR - National Scouting Report 

    How to get recruited

    There are over seven million high school student-athletes in the United States. Less than 10% will participate in college sports. That leaves thousands of prep athletes who are good college prospects, but get left out of scholarship opportunities. Why? They and their parents don't understand how college recruiting works, so college coaches never learn about them and the value they could bring to their programs. Will you be recruited or will you be left out too?

    • Are you receiving letters and questionnaires from college coaches?
    • Have you registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center?
    • Are you academically eligible to be recruited for college sports?
    • Do you understand the 4 main phases of college recruiting and how they affect you as a potential prospect?
    • Do you really know where you are in the process?
    • Have you already invested a great amount of time & money training to be a good athlete, but the results are not paying off because you're still not being recruited?
    • Are you likely to be overlooked because coaches are not sending you letters and questionnaires?