• Senior Project- the idea of ethical codes of behavior in the workplace.  
    Culminating product will be a training video created by the students.
         -ethics                                       -code of ethics                              
         -ethical behavior                       -behavior in the workplace
         -ethical codes                            -code of conduct               
         -career, workplace, business, healthcare (general terms, not specific)
    Use Advanced Search for Boolean limiters ANDORNOT. Try search terms such as: 
    "ethical behavior" and "healthcare" 
    "code of ethics"  and "careers"
    "ethics" and "behavior" and"business"
    "ethics" and "workplace"  
    Change it up to see what gives you the best results.

Searching Metro Tech's Library Catalog

  • Use the dropdown menu to search by Keyword or Subject.  Try all suggested terms:
    ethics, ethical, behavior, and specific workplaces like Cosmetology.  

Try the library online databases before open internet