• For additional information or to discuss possible eligibility for your student, please contact your student’s counselor directly
    at the campus.
    The Administrator for each campus is:

    Alhambra High School         Sheri Kaplan               602-764-6048              kaplan@phoenixunion.org

    Betty Fairfax High School    Leticia Salomon          602-764-9056              salomon@phoenixunion.org

    Bioscience High School         Holly Batsell               602-764-5600              batsell@phoenixunion.org

    Bostrom High School            Alvin Watson              602-764-7683              watson@phoenixunion.org

    Camelback High School       Cortney Stewart          602-764-7011              cstewart@phoenixunion.org

    Carl Hayden High School     Leah Barton                602-764-3059              barton@phoenixunion.org

    Central High School              Nikki Alward              602-764-7542              alward@phoenixunion.org

    Cesar Chavez High School   Dr. Michelle Delgado 602-764-4189              mdelgado1@phoenixunion.org

    Franklin High School            Lorenzo Cabrera         602-764-0200              lcabrera@phoenixunion.org

    Linda Abril Ed. Academy    Rick Beck                   602-764-0052              rbeck@phoenixunion.org

    Phoenix Coding Academy    Dr. Seth Beute             602-764-5702              beute@phoenixunion.org

    Maryvale High School          Eric Kemp                   602-764-2056              ekemp@phoenixunion.org

    Metro Tech High School       Julio Rubio                  602-764-8018              jrubio@phoenixunion.org

    North High School                Mysti Emerson            602-764-6568              emerson@phoenixunion.org

    South High School                 Nicholas Oviedo         602-764-5031              noviedo@phoenixunion.org

    Trevor Browne High School Chandra Alexander    602-764-8557              calexander@phoenixunion.org

    The Phoenix Union High School District 504 Administrator is:
    Wendy Collison