• Gaggle Blogs

    Gaggle Blogs provide a safe blogging platform where students can share thoughts and ideas.  Blogs provide students with a forum to communicate online in a safe and controlled environment.  Teachers can decide who has access to their students’ blogs. We would like MCC students to use the Gaggle Blog tool to journal about their experiences in this class. You should create a new blog for your MCC class.

    Creating a Blog

    1. From Apps navigate to Blogs.
    2. Click Create New Blog in the Blog Controls section. (on the right side of the page under your name, if you do not see this try making the window full screen)
    3. Type the blog name in the Blog Name field provided.
    4. Select a Blog URL (The blog will be http://www.gaggle.net/Blog/BLOG-URL)
    5. Select a Blog Theme from the variety of background options
    6. To select this blog as the main blog, check the box next to Default Blog.
    7. Briefly describe the blog in the About this Blog box and Upload a Blog Photo.
    8. Use the Adding Contributors link to add contributors to this blog, giving permission to contributors to post new entries as well as edit previous entries they have posted.
    9. Click the Advanced Settings to make changes to Blog and Comment Access Settings.
    10. When finished click Save Settings.

    Creating a Blog Entry

    1. From Apps navigate to Blogs.
    2. Click New Post at the top of the Blog Controls section.
    3. Create a Title for the entry.
    4. Select the Target Blog to determine which blog will publish the post.  To post to multiple blogs, select the Display in all owned blogs option.
    5. Type the desired text in the box provided. Users can change the style, font, size, and color of the text.
    6. To insert a picture that is stored in the Digital Locker, click the blue lock icon in the tool bar.
    7. To insert a GaggleTube video that has been saved to My Videos, click the blue TV icon in the tool bar and select from the Available Videos.
    8. When finished, click the Post Blog Entry button to post the blog entry.  Check the Always show at top box to always display the new blog entry first.


    Finding a Blog

    1. From Apps navigate to Blogs.
    2. Click on the Blog Lookup link within the Blog Controls section.
    3. Under Blog Lookup select a button for your search: School, Class, or Email/Name.
    4. Click the Find Blogs button.
    5. The table will populate with blogs that meet the search criteria.
    6. Select the Blog Name link to view the blog.
    7. Click Add to Favorites to add a specific blog to the My Favorites section of the